“Scientists have shown that the human brain has a much larger ability than we think. In the last 10 years, we have discovered more about our brain especially in the areas of Memory and Thinking. The increased awareness of brain dementia has prompted people to learn how to strengthen their power to recall.”

Good memory skills are truly important in the life of a busy professional. The ability to remember names and faces of clients, deadlines, scheduled events, and many other data is critical to prevail in today’s fast-paced, information-dependent society. However, memory is not just rote and repetition. To train your memory in the right way means to exercise the brain into thinking analytically and strategically, as many memory techniques stimulate the hippocampus where working memory is processed. Therefore, with a trained memory, not only we are able to confidently recall information without viewing notes, but also improve our thinking quality and brain health.

“People are the only real resource in any organization. Hence, the task of developing the employees’ mental skills would be of utmost importance to both the individual and the Company. This workshop helps participants enhance their thinking and memorization skills, to further improve their short and long-term memory and discover the brain’s amazing capabilities, learning the “natural” ways of tapping into their mental powerhouse.”

Executive Memory Program and Student Memory Course are excerpted from the best-selling book series, “Memorizing Like an Elephant” by Yudi Lesmana, crafted exclusively for professionals. Completed with study cases to solve memory problems faced by professionals, the training is equipped with many techniques to boost your focus, discipline, and creativity. These are the three things that will take your career and professional life to new heights.

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